Thursday, January 8, 2015

Elements of a Successful Design/Build Relationship

Whether you’re a home-owner, designer or architect – choosing the right contractor is the most vital decision in managing the success of your next renovation or construction project. That’s because your contractor turns your vision and plan into a physical reality! Here’s how we see things at RGI.
We know your contractor’s hands-on perspective is invaluable – use it as early as possible as you jiggle-in your design and scope of work. Experience has shown us that this is the best way to assure optimum design decisions that maximize the unique opportunities and potential of each new site.
At RGI, we look for the practical constraints inherent to every base-building structure that can contribute to site problems and cost over-runs once construction begins. We’ll help you anticipate and solve most of these problems in advance, leveraging a team approach to assure the best economics.
Similarly, our hands-on experience of construction methods and materials can answer a host of questions that are critical to your ultimate satisfaction: ranging from construction sequencing, materials selection, and labour costs. And these are just the broad headings!
As contractor, our goal is to draw upon the knowledge of the owner, design team, and sub-trades. Maintaining this synergy demands open and continuous communication throughout the design/build effort. Every member of the team – particularly ourselves - need to be willing to consider all options.
Success demands compromise and cooperation. It also requires decisive and responsive decision-making by all parties. Our role in keeping your project on a fast-track includes daily updates between project participants – so that every action and decision supports your project plan.
When everyone stays informed and knows the goals and objectives, all parties can hit the ground running! 

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